What is Prototype Training Systems (PTS)?

Brent performing a half kneeling Pallof press

Brent performing a half kneeling Pallof press

Prototype Training Systems is our Personal and Small Group Training program that we have developed within CrossFit Prototype. We believe that great fitness results arrive from a dedicated and well formulated training program. What Prototype Training Systems consists of is an amalgamation of Assessment, Accountability, Training, Community and most importantly, Results! Through this dedicated systematic approach we have created a program that can fit the needs of any individual regardless of physical fitness. Whether you haven’t worked out a day in your life to the elite level athlete, we can create a program for you!
To schedule your FREE 1-1 consultation, please contact Coach Mike Collette at Mike@crossfitprototype.com to set a date and time OR fill out the form below!

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How does Prototype Training Systems (PTS) work?

Bethany and Carissa
Every PTS client will start with a 1-1 consultation through what we call our “Prototype Impact Plan”. This allows us to understand your history, individual needs and goals as well as allowing us to get to know you better! From here we will set up your 1-1 movement screen or as well call it our “Prototype Assessment”. After a thorough assessment, we can gather information on movement quality.
The 1-1 consultation and 1-1 movement screen gives your Coach the data he/she needs to start to develop the framework for your program. After each of those sessions, your Coach will send you a detailed email outlining their findings. From here, your Coach will guide you to the best training plan based on your goals and what fits you individually. While training at PTS, you will have frequent goal setting “re-evaluations” to check in on progress and potentially establish new goals to keep the process going!
From here, you can set up your training schedule with your Coach and start your journey at Prototype!
We don’t “sell training” at PTS, we provide value to help you get into the best shape of your life!

Why Prototype Training Systems?

Coach Mike Collette and Pete
At Prototype we believe in well rounded fitness. We believe in getting you the results you’ve always wanted. Most importantly, we believe that your workout and training should be the best part of your day. Our philosophy at Prototype is simple: “Help and care first”. That is our motto and that is what we do. We genuinely care about helping you and want to get you to your goals! Prototype was founded on 6 core values which you can see up on our wall at our facility:

  1. Family- We treat everyone who comes through our door as part of our Prototype family and will do anything we can to make you feel comfortable and at home
  2. Integrity- Everything done here is with a purpose and we will tell you exactly why you are doing it. We believe in active communication with our clients and members and we will give you honest advice
  3. Helping others- This is what we do. It’s at our core and like previously mentioned it is the route of our philosophy
  4. Excellence- We believe in an excellence driven staff and excellence driven community. We want the best for our team as well as our clients and members
  5. Fun- Your training sessions should be the best part of your day. How can that be if you don’t enjoy your training?
  6. Growth- Prototype is constantly growing and improving each and everyday. It’s amazing to see the changes and improvements in our members since the day they’ve started. Growth is imperative to success!

Who will I train with at Prototype?

Join the greatest training community out there!

We aim to match our Coaches appropriately with the individual client’s background and goals. After you sit down with our Head Coach Mike Collette for your 1-1 consultation, he will direct you to which one of our awesome Coaches/Trainers would align best with your goals! You have pain and want to mitigate injury? We have an Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapists on our team. You’re an athlete and want to improve your athletic potential on the field? Excellent! We have Strength and Conditioning Coaches on our staff! Regardless of your goal, we will direct you to the person who will align with what you are working towards, that’s how we do it at Prototype!