dreamstime_xxl_12843145While we offer great ways to get fit at CrossFit Prototype, including small group training and personalized training with fitness instructors, the time you put in with exercise can only go so far to making the most of your body. The other part of a healthy exercise plan is proper eating, and we can help with proper nutritional counseling.
Our nutrition consultants at Prototype Nutrition can make sure that you’re getting the most out of your exercise program and your weekly meal planning so that you feel better than ever. Here’s how nutritional counseling can help.

For Your Body

Nutritional consultants want to help you get the body you’re interested in. Some people who come to us for fitness training are looking to lose 200 pounds, while other want to bulk up their muscles and gain 50 pounds. Prototype Nutrition advisors can customize your meal plan to help reach these goals, no matter what they are. Of course, our main concern is…

For Your Health

Some people get so concerned with losing weight with crazy diets that their health is often compromised. Nutritional consulting with a professional ensures that you’re eating the right food to keep you healthy, because your body needs calories and fat to function even if those resources are limited. Working with a nutrition consultant is a safer way to go than dieting on your own. And speaking of being on your own, a nutrition expert can help you…

Be Accountable

Most diets and exercise programs fail, and many times this happens because people are trying to do it alone. Working with a nutrition counselor can ensure that you stick to your plan, because it’s much harder to cheat when you know you’ll have to tell someone about it!blog 3
If you’re ready to complement your exercise regimen with a working meal plan, find out more about Prototype Nutrition on this page, then sign up and make sure you’re getting the most out of your body!