Meet the team at CFP: Garret St. Onge

Garret St. Onge

Garret St. Onge

Who are you?

Garret St. Onge, CrossFit Level 1 coach, Elements Coach, 35yrs old, married to CFP team member Heather St. Onge
coming up on 4 yrs. Currently living in Westborough. Most of my time is split between CrossFit and gaming, with a little
thing called a full time job squeezed in between. 🙂 Enjoy quiet nights at home but also love getting together with friends
and family for nights out having a good time.

Why did you get into CrossFit/How did you get into CrossFit?

Just before CFP opened its doors, I was attempting to apply for a position as a US Marshal. In order to do so, I knew I
needed to improve my fitness as there would most certainly be a physical portion or the application but also that I would be
going up against much younger applicants. I turned to Brian Z. for some training and he introduced me intro CrossFit style
training. I was hooked. It kept my interest in training unlike the daily grind of treadmill, weights, repeat. Unfortunately the
US Marshals was not to be as military applicants received first selection but that did not deter my CrossFit training. When
Mike and Brian opened the doors to CFP, I asked them to tag along as a cleaner of the facility. The more I trained, the
more I wanted to train and be part of the team at CFP. I slowly started to shadow Mike and Brian and eventually became a
certified coach.

What are your goals with CrossFit?

Since starting CrossFit, I have found that with the help of Mike and Brian, I can achieve more physically than I thought
possible. There will always be somebody who is stronger, faster, more efficient than I, but I enjoy competing and continue
to train to do so. The training will help me to continue to live a healthy active life well beyond my years of competing.
What do you enjoy most about being part of CFP?
CFP has become a second home me. My schedule allows me to come to CrossFit as early as the 5am classes and as late
as the last class of the day. Regardless of the time of day, there is always a welcoming face from the team to the members.
We are a community but also a family. We participate in community events but the next day you might find us all at a local
restaurant just hanging out and having a good time. New friendships are continuously created at CFP making it a home
away from home.

Where are you from?

I was born in Rhode Island and came to Massachusetts for school and never left. My career has changed directions a few
times since graduation but I feel that my involvement in CrossFit will outline any changes in that regard.
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people?
In a nutshell, I have (had) social anxiety. To a point that it was severe enough that going out to public places was next to
impossible. But with the love and support from my family, my wife Heather, and my friends (aka family) at CFP, I have been
able to overcome my fears.

If there was a movie made about you, what actor/actress would play you and why?

When I visit Heather’s family in NY, they enjoy making fun of my Boston accent. Granted my accent tends to be a blend
between MA and RI, I think I’d have to go with Matt Damon. He’s not the biggest guy out there but he’s a fighter (literally, I
mean have you seen the Bourne movies?!). Also, he’s one of those quiet hollywood actors. You don’t see him in the news
every other week for doing something stupid. He keeps to himself and gets the job done.

What do you you like to do outside of CFP/What are your hobbies?

Outside of CFP, I enjoy mountain biking, road biking, hanging out with those people who make the most out of life. Also,
I’m a huge gamer. Its nice to unwind with some mindless blowing stuff up!

What is your favorite cheat meal?

As anyone who knows me, my entire diet is pretty much a cheat meal. 🙂 My go to would have to be an extra cheese pizza or a good order of buffalo wings.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone new who was trying CrossFit, what would it be?

Give it time! Heather was reluctant to start CrossFit during her training for a fitness/bodybuilding competition. She tried CFP
for a month when we had the month special but did not commit to it. After her most recent show, she started to attend more
classes and apply herself to learning the lifts and abilities. She now enjoys Crossfit daily and likewise has new friends as a
result of her dedication to CrossFit. She is now also entering competitions as her abilities continue to grow.

Whats your favorite and least favorite exercise to do?

At the moment because my cardio is horrible, I’m going to have to go with running as my least favorite. In the strictest sense,
I’m not a fan of pistol squats due to some quadricep tendonitis.
I do enjoy thrusters. Most people think I’m crazy for it. I might not be able to do the heaviest thruster, but as a weightlifting
movement, it challenges your entire body.

What is your favorite benchmark workout?

As you can see from above, I love thrusters so naturally…Fran! Though I’m technically retired from doing Fran after a 40
second PR, it is an awesome workout for everyone.

Name one person who is the biggest influence in your life

Naturally, my father. He taught me life lessons. Be honest with yourself and others. Always take care of family and
friends. Hold people accountable for their actions.