Name: Brooke Pettengill
Prototype Nutrition Coach: Heather Yeomans
Starting Weight: 177
Current Weight: 156

What was your goal/motivation behind joining Prototype Nutrition?
My main goal was to lose weight. Though I also wanted to feel more confident with myself and my food choices
What sets Prototype Nutrition apart from other weight loss programs you have tried?

The flexibility eating is HUGE! Makes it way more realistic to incorporate into everyday life. It is easier to manage since I don’t feel like I need to ‘deny’ myself a certain food group or a specific sweet. If I want to eat a cupcake today I can, I just make it fit into my macros.

Also having Heather to guide me on ways to keep up with my protein goals or other options for brands to try that have more protein, less fat in them is great. I never knew about Halo before this and I am hooked! It’s great for days where I need to reach my protein goal but also want something sweet 🙂
What did you find as a result of joining the Prototype Nutrition program?
There are so many things I found out from this but primarily that pretty much everything is okay to eat as long as you are smart about it. Also this has really proven to me that what you eat can have a huge effect on energy levels and confidence. I have never felt more energized or better than I do now.
What specific feature did you like most about this program?
Flexible eating! Makes it so easy to go out with friends and not be a stick in the mud on what I am ordering.
What are three ways Prototype Nutrition has impacted/changed your lifestyle?
First – it has helped me feel more confident than ever, which has been a huge help in my job.

Second – I am more active/energetic which has been a big help in my marathon and crossfit training. I feel lighter than ever and my speed in running has dramatically changed since when I first started.

Third – my skin has become MUCH better. I have always had trouble with acne and now I have almost clear skin! (this also helps with confidence!)
What would be your advice to someone thinking about joining this program?
It 100% is worth trying. Heather has been able to teach me about how important it is to hit my macros but even better, creative ways to still eat/enjoy what I am eating without it feeling like I am eating healthy. Also – this isn’t a diet, it truly is a lifestyle which makes it WAY easier to stay committed too in the long run.

Also would always say trust the process and keep consistent! There are times when I go a week without losing anything and then it will just drop.
Is there anything you’d like to add?

THANK YOU HEATHER! Couldn’t have done this without your help/guidance.
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