My CFP Crossfit and Nutrition Journey:
So Coach Jon Collette asked me to share my story so I truly hope you get something out of this, and yes this is very painful for me as I am a very private person so sharing personal issues is not my strong point… .
So let’s begin:
In September of 2013 at the ripe old age of 42 years I was tipping the scale at 265lbs, and, what I’ve come to realize today, in horrible shape. Even though I was playing hockey twice a week I failed to grasp that sucking down 6 beers after games was counterproductive. However, I would continue to tell myself I looked fine and was in great shape for 42 years old, god bless my wife who loved and supported me even though I was going down the wrong path, she still loved that fat old bastard.
Then in January 2014, after a Disney trip where no food or beer was safe, I decided to make a career change which required me to start interviewing so “let’s try on the suit,” which I have not worn for several years; shocker, the pants did not fit and I mean not even close to fitting. So off to Jos A. Bank where the women measuring me said 40-inch waist!!! I was in shock and could not believe it. What happened? Is she high?? No way!! Then I went home, looked at the scale and it read 271lbs so I took off my shoes (don’t ask why) and it said 269, which somehow justified my condition. Then everything came crashing down, the hints the doctors were giving (high blood pressure, cholesterol pills), my wife’s concerned face and my kids poking my belly. So at the encouragement of a friend, the old fat guy decided to give a fitness gym a try. Trust me, I drove by the CrossFit Prototype several times saying today is the day and would end up driving home, but eventually, I started.
Two years later, I was working out 3-4 times a week. It’s was hard, and life got in the way, but working out was a priority. I managed to lose weight because I was on those crazy diets (No Carbs, etc. etc). Then I would eventually get off and the weight would pile back on and I never truly felt healthy.
Then 2016 hit with some health problems, which really hindered me going to the gym. I would go maybe twice a week usually once and weight continued to climb to the point I was embarrassed to walk into the gym. Then I got diagnosed and treatment was provided, I started to feel better than I had in a long time so I made a commitment to myself that no matter what I would go to the gym 4-5 times a week and would get into the best shape as possible. So I started with a purpose, I would work out regardless of the WOD and would do extra work after class. Mostly core work (need to lose that belly), planks with 45lb plate on my back, but again weight did not come off even though my strength was rocketing back up to where it once was.  Then in March, Jon Collette came up to me and asked “What are you trying to accomplish?” and after a brief discussion he suggested I try nutritional counseling. Again apprehensive, what can this nutrition consultant kid teach me that I don’t know, but like my professional life, surround yourself with people that will challenge your decisions and give you a different point of view on how things should work. So after a two-week trial in March, Jon basically told me I was eating too little and I was bouncing all over the place (too much protein one day, too much fat on this day, etc.). So we sat down and he devised a nutrition plan, which included eating 2800 calories a day vs. the 1800 I was eating. So I started, it was hard to eat 2800 calories, but as I ate more than I have ever eaten before my weight started to drop, but I also noticed I was leaning out while my strength continued to grow. Then one night my wife said I can see your abs and I said “yea sure,” but on June 16th three months into Jon’s nutrition counseling plan, I couldn’t believe it I could see my abs, holy shit I haven’t seen you in 25 years, hello boys! Today my weight has stabilized, but I continue to get leaner, stronger and feel unbelievable.
Again, the diet says eat what you want, but my advice: be smart about it. You cannot crush McDonald’s every day and it doesn’t give you carte blanche to eat crap, but I personally have not sacrificed ice-cream, food, beer, or wine, I’m just smart about it, I plan ahead.
Trust me, ask anybody that knows me from the old days (Sabino and Todd Kinsman), you would rarely see me without a beer in hand or say “no” to something to eat. I know here’s the cliché…plain and simple if I can do it, anybody can. I just stay committed to the nutritional counseling plan and the gym. I consistently hit my nutrition numbers that Jon set for me (yes, there are days I miss), I ask questions, I stay focused and I believe the process …
Me in 2013 (265lbs and Yes, beer in hand and it’s a Bud-Light? I must have hit the bottom of cooler)…

Three months after starting Jon’s nutrition plan and staying diligent to the gym

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