Prototype of the Month: Brian Dingman

1.) Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey
About 4 years ago I was in the midst of dramatic personal change. I had spent 25 years sitting at my desk working way too many hours, and I decided that needed to change. So I left big law practice and opened my own firm. It has been fabulous! At the same time I was feeling that I needed to be more active. I was a little overweight and pretty sedentary. I had heard about Crossfit but knew nothing about it. Yet I drove by CFP twice every day. One day I just decided to stop in. I had no idea what to expect. Mike greeted me, and was incredibly welcoming and encouraging (to no one’s surprise!). I started Elements within days. I remember how difficult it was to do so many inchworms with pushups every day on the Astroturf. Little did I know what was in store for me! I wish I could go now every day at 7 am, but I do the best I can!

2.) What is your favorite part about being at CFP?
Nothing mysterious here. Like just about everyone else, it’s the community – the coaches and the other members. I always feel totally welcome and totally supported. I love that there is no judgment, rather, encouragement.

3.) What are your hobbies and activities?
I love to travel – anywhere close or far. And when I have time I love to sit under a shade tree and read a good book. I just finished Les Miserables (which is hands down the best book I have ever read – go to the library and check it out!) and I am now reading a really good biography of FDR.

4.) How has (if it has) CFP helped you outside the gym (in sports etc)?
I don’t play a lot of other sports. I played soccer for many years but had to give that up. I am an occasional golfer, where I definitely have a lot more power than I used to. But I still suck. Mainly though I am stronger, have more stamina, and feel way better all around than I did before.

5.) What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?
Everything! I guess like many other members I want to improve on everything we do at CFP, because I know that if I do I will be that much farther along on my fitness journey. This can seem overwhelming, though, so I try to pick my targets and work toward things that matter most, such as staying injury free and increasing my mobility. I also realize that at my age I am unlikely to see big increases in numbers, and I am fine with that (but sometimes maybe I am a little jealous of the open athletes who crush the WODs…)

6.) Favorite Quote
“When the basis for your actions is inner alignment with the present moment, your actions become empowered by the intelligence of Life itself.” Eckhart Tolle.