The 2019 Prototype Open is here and better than ever! We have over 120 of our amazing members signed up and competing on two teams. The teams are Baby Got Black (#BabyGotBlack) led by 2018 Community Member of the Year Dr. Annie Powell and team Abominable Snow Monsters of the North (#TeamAbominable) led by 2018 Community Member of the Year Col. Brent French.
Week 4 (19.4) is officially in the books and it was a straight out grind! Within a 12 min window you have to complete:
3 rounds of:
10 Power Snatch (95/65lb)
12 Bar facing burpees
3 min rest
10 Bar muscle ups
12 Bar facing burpees

Let me tell you it was tough and I’m still coughing! After the workout was announced Thursday night, we had our #CFPCouples go head to head! Yours truly and my beautiful fiance from team #BabyGotBlack took on Coaches Garret St.Onge and Bethany St. Onge from #TeamAbominable. It was a battle back and forth however #BabyGotBlack prevailed earning a total of 10 additional points while #TeamAbominable earned an additional 6 points (3 each) for being the runners up!

We saw some amazing performances this past week and we want highlight some of these individuals and give you a scoring update after week 4:

As I said, this workout was a grind! Shout out to all of those who got it in and made it happen! Way to step outside your comfort zone! We even saw a few people get their first Bar muscle up!! (Shout out to Captain Brent French and Nicole Moore on your first Bar MU!!)
Below are your Top 10 scores for the Women and Top 5 scores for the Men for 19.4 (3 additional points are added for these athletes):

Congrats to the top performing scores for 19.4, way to go everyone! Below are those individuals who earned PASSION POINTS for their respective teams! This week was a tough workout and we saw some amazing performances and many stepping outside their comfort zone. Shout out to the individuals below for earning these awards and getting an additional 5 points for their team!

  1. Spirit of the Week: Traci Lake (#BabyGotBlack)
  2. Hardest Worker: Brent French (#TeamAbominable) and Nicole Moore (#BabyGotBlack)
  3. Top Performer: Erin Burton (#BabyGotBlack)

With all of that said, I have to give a MASSIVE shout out to Erin Lindsey Burton for earning #BabyGotBlack 14 points this week!! She had a top 10 performance, won the head to head and earned the Top performer for the week. With that performance and many other amazing efforts from both teams, #BabyGotBlack put a dent in the deficit. It’s going to be close!!  The final scoring from Week 3 is below along with the link to the spreadsheet where you can see the full breakdown.

***Don’t forget to tune in on Thursday 3/21/19 for the head to head! The captains, Dr. Annie Powell and Col. Brent French will be facing off! It’s going to be awesome!!!***
Before taking a look at the scoring, please take note of the reminders below:

  1. Wear your Team shirts on Fridays OR when you are completing the Open workout that week!
  2. Make sure to leave your score sheet in the folder at the desk after completing the workout!
  3. Don’t forget to log your score as well in WODIFY as we may retest these workouts down the road!
  4. Scores need to be submitted each week before 8pm ET on Monday into the site!
  5. Share your accomplishments and pictures on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget your team # (#BabyGotBlack or #TeamAbominable) and TAG US! @crossfitprototype #PrototypeOpen #CrossFitPrototype

Here is the link to see the full scoring and breakdown for the week!