Lifting all the weights! Way to go Carter!

What’s up #CFPFam?! WE ARE BACK for another weekly recap of the #PrototypeOpen and it’s shaping up to be better than ever!  This season our 4 teams are going head to head to compete for the coveted Prototype House Cup Championship Trophy. Week 3/ 20.3 went to Team Slytherin (Again…) but the race is still so close! Inevitably, it all comes down to participating each week and having team members complete our 20.6, 24 Heroes in 24 Hours event!
As you all know, 20.4 is now officially in the books! It was a long 20-minute chipper workout that was everything that we thought it was going to be… A DEEP BURN! No repeat like last week but it did include the barbell with some clean and jerks and for the first time EVER in the CrossFit Open and #PrototypeOpen, there were pistol squats. During the Thursday announcement, each team had one athlete represent their team to battle it out:
Ravenclaw: Captain Jean Liberty Battle Hanks
Hufflepuff: Captain Syam Buradagunta
Gryffindor: Carly Lurier
Slytherin: Peg Hall Kinsman
These athletes battled it out for those extra 5 team points! After a close battle, Peg Hall Kinsman came out the victor for the head to head, earning 5 additional points for her team! Slytherin took the head to head for the 1st week, adding more points to their overall total! Check out the full WOD below!

For time:
30 box jumps, 24 in.
15 clean and jerks, 95/65 lb.
30 box jumps, 24 in.
15 clean and jerks, 135/85 lb.
30 box jumps, 24 in.
10 clean and jerks, 185/115 lb.
30 single-leg squats
10 clean and jerks, 225/145 lb.
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, 275/175 lb.
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, 315/205 lb.
Time cap: 20 minutes

We saw some amazing performances this past week and some AWESOME PR’s on several of our member’s Clean and Jerks! SO AWESOME!! SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE PR’S!!!
First, we would like to give a shout out to EVERYONE who signed up for the CrossFit Open/Prototype Open and get 20.4 done! Way to step outside your comfort zone! This can be a daunting thing to do, however, we all believe you can do it! Also, a shout out to all of those who are participating in their first CrossFit Open/Prototype Open. REMEMBER: All you need to do is show up to complete the Prototype Open WOD and you will be able to get your team a point. If you don’t complete it by Monday at 8pm ET, you cannot get your team a point!
Below are your Top 10 scores for the Women and Top 10 scores for the Men for 20.4 (3 additional points are added for these athletes). A LOT of these top scores came down to the tie break time! There were so many people so close to making the top 10!!!


Bethany Farrar 213 16:25
Mike Collette 203 15:54
Steve Blackwell 201 19:50
Caitlin Pond 200 17:34
Lauren Palmateer 200 18:51
Peg Kinsman 196 13:18
Marc Mespelli 195 14:54
Sam Kafel 178 ?
Garret St. Onge 172 13:22
Michael Su 166 9:47
Dave Marcus 166 13:37
Flavia Winslow 166 14:20
Mark DiRienzo 166 14:37
Brian Dingman 166 16:50
Marissa Papazian 165 10:32
Joey Walker 165 13:12
Erin Collette 163 16:22
Priscilla Silva 162 12:42
Nicole Moore 160 15:26
Buffy Buradagunta 160 16:12

Congrats to the top-performing scores for 20.4, way to go everyone! Below are those individuals who earned PASSION POINTS for their respective teams! The energy at CFP this past week was INSANE so deciding who earned these was very difficult. Shout out to the individuals below for earning these awards and getting an additional 5 points for their team! Another solid week for HUFFLEPUFF!

  1. Hardest Worker: Nate Oram (#Hufflepuff)
  2. Top Performer: Bethany Farrar (#Hufflepuff)
  3. Most Spirit: Peg Kinsman (#Slytherin)

With all of that said, the score after week 4 was very close! The final scoring from Week 4 is below along with the link to the spreadsheet where you can see the full breakdown. Before taking a look at this, please take note of the reminders below:


    1. Here is the sign-up sheet link!
  2. Wear your Team shirts on Fridays OR when you are completing the Open workout that week!
  3. Make sure to leave your score sheet in the folder at the desk after completing the workout!
  4. Don’t forget to log your score as well in WODIFY as we may retest these workouts down the road!
  5. Scores need to be submitted each week before 8pm ET on Monday for the Prototype Open AND into the site if you signed up!
  6. Please share your accomplishments and pictures on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget your team # (#Gryffindor, #Ravenclaw, #Hufflepuff or #Slytherin) and TAG US! @crossfitprototype #PrototypeOpen #CrossFitPrototype