CrossFit Open WOD 18.5 is in the books and here is our week 5 analysis and recap!

What an amazing CrossFit Open and Prototype Open it has been! As we all knew, a repeat CrossFit Open WOD was bound to show up and The Dave Castro did not disappoint when he offered up 3 CrossFit Open WOD’s that WE got to choose from! Every week, Dave has challenged the CrossFit community with something new and different. Whether it was an exercise that had not been tested in the CrossFit open in the past or totally surprising the community with multiple workouts, this Open was pretty awesome! The workout that the community chose was a workout that has now been tested 3 times in CrossFit Open history. The workout was a repeat of 11.5 which was also retested as 12.5 and now 18.5. The workout was a 7 min AMRAP of a ladder of repetitions going up by 3 of Thrusters (100lb/65lb) and Chest to bar pull ups. Two grueling exercises that challenge you both physically and mentally!

After the announcement on Thursday night, we had several athletes come out and give it their all! Big shout out to #BeardedBlueDragons team member Caitlin Pond for showing up every Thursday night to perform the workout right after the announcement. This not only challenges your physical capacity without being able to physically prepare as well for the workout but you are forced to create a mental strategy with very limited time. Our hats off to you Caitlin, great work!

18.5 did not disappoint and we had a tremendous showing for our Friday Night Lights event that went off without a hitch! We had over 70 athletes show up to perform the workout throughout the night and give it their all! #KeepinItTeal pulled it together and claimed the majority of the top 10 performances helping to close the lead the #BeardedBlueDragons had on them.

The difference maker this week was the Dragons stepping up their game and having almost every athlete complete the workout to give them a slight edge in points over Teal. The nail in the coffin for Teal however came at the hand of Dragons team members Rachel Sibley and Jack Levy earning this weeks most spirit and top performer awards earning them 5 points each.

To that end, the winner of the 2018 Prototype Open is #BeardedBlueDragons with a final score of 542 with #KeepinItTeal coming in a close second place with a score of 516.

A HUGE shout out to the top 10 performers in both the men’s and women’s divisions (see below) and also BIG shout out to this weeks Most Spirit, Hardest worker and Top performer award winners! There were several nominations for each category this week and it was not an easy decision (we like it that way!). Also, we really would like to thank all of the athletes who participated in the 2018 Prototype Open and all the judges and volunteers who helped make our Friday Night Lights event a success, THANK YOU!!!!

The 2018 CrossFit Open/Prototype Open has come to an end. That doesn’t mean that your fitness motivation should stop! These 5 weeks have been not only a great test of your fitness but a ton of fun and team building for the CFP community! We will be having some more in house fun events coming soon!

Our next event will be our WOMEN, WOD AND WINE event which will be on Friday April 27th (time TBA) and our 5th annual Scavenger Hunt will be on Saturday May 19th (Details to come).

We would love to hear from you CFP! Share your experience with us about the Prototype Open! We would love your feedback (both positive and constructive) to help us collectively serve you all better!

Here’s to next year; set some goals; talk with your coaches; work hard and continue to inspire others everyday!
Top Performer
Jack Levy
Hardest worker
Keivan Russo
Most spirit
Rachel Sibley
18.5 Men
18.5 Women
Mike Collette
Caitlin Pond
Jack Levy
Marissa Papazian
Garret St. Onge
Abby French
Russel Schwartz
Liz Mason
Dave Marcus
Amy Castoldi
Mark Higgins
Danielle Ward
Bill Cooper
Lisa Zancewicz
Marty Ferguson
Erin Burton
Tim Welch
Nicole Moore
Rob Dorretti
Jen Gries
Team Name
Total Points
#BeardedBlue Dragons