By: Leah Hantman
Every January people around the world make the New Year’s Resolution to get healthier only to find that months later they have already lost sight of those goals.
Set your goals now as we head into the Holiday season and exit the year strong so that when the New Year starts, habits and motivation is already in place. The start of the New Year will serve as a reminder and reinforcement of the positive habits you already have in place.
Many people neglect to emphasize their motivation behind a goal, specifically when it comes to exercise and wellness. End results are important but what the means to those ends symbolize offers much more insight into our true motivations and what drives us as individuals.
Goals are important but if you don’t pay attention to the real motives behind accomplishing them, you may find your motivation and consistency to fall short. While setting your goals try not to just think of extrinsic rewards, but look inwards and evaluate your feelings attached to them. The best way to cross the finish line is to set goals that are SMART.
Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Rewarding- Timely
Even if we do set SMART goals staying motivated to exercise can be a struggle no matter where we are in our fitness journey. Some days, I’ll admit it, it would be much easier to roll right over and hit the snooze button on the alarm in the morning or to curl up on the sofa with a good movie. While these are all things to be done in moderation… here are some pointers on how to stay motivated, even on the toughest days.
1. Set a goal in mind: This could be a weight loss goal or a fitness goal. Aim high and get it in writing so you can remind yourself on those difficult days of the promise you made to yourself. Post your goal above your bed or somewhere you will see it when you need it most. Goal success is all about discipline.
2. Lay out your workout clothes the night before: This might seem unnecessary but can serve as a good visual prompt to get you in the right mindset and out the door. Plus planning ahead always saves time!
3. Workout Buddy/Support System: Find someone who ALREADY has the same goals or interests as you to be your workout buddy. This way your good habits rub off on one another. Make a pact to stick to a workout routine even if your workout buddy is unavailable. CrossFit Prototype is a supportive community that gets totally PSYCHED to see you crush it. You can always count on showing up and getting a workout surrounded by people and coaches that genuinely care about your well being. LEAN ON THEM! EMBRACE THE COMMUNITY.
4. Believe in yourself and the bigger picture: Self-motivation is important! If you look in the mirror and think “impossible”, or that you will never reach that fitness goal, you most likely won’t. Impossible is nothing. Baby steps and a positive frame of thought can do wonders.
5. Get Involved: Your family, friends,  and co-workers certainly care about you but if they don’t have the same mindset or related goals you might find that you aren’t getting the support needed to get you through the lows of training. DIVE INTO THE COMMUNITY! Though training can be at times tedious and tiresome, that feeling of accomplishment when you finish a hard WOD makes it all worth it.  Getting high fives and knucks from friends and coaches is only validating that you are meant to be there! CFP offers a sense of community cohesion all centered on the camaraderie of wellness.
See the change you want to make in yourself and go after it… What do you have to lose?