Everyone has those days where you just don’t have it. You’re halfway through a workout and you feel sluggish, overly fatigued, weak and you want to just quit. When we feel this way, we tend to forget the reasons why. Maybe you stayed up late to watch the playoff game the night before, you had a long stressful week, your routine was thrown off by life’s unpredictable nature or maybe you’re just tired.
When these moments happen, we might start to think we are regressing or not improving and we create this negative self-talk. We all have experienced it! There are days where you feel unstoppable and there are days where you feel run down and you’re not going to ever reach your fitness goals.
Even athletes at the top of their game have off nights where they might miss every shot or strike out 4 times at the plate. These events can make you feel pretty down on yourself. However, if you recognize that this is part of life and the journey that you are on, it’s much easier to embrace it. You need to realize life will move on, things will get better and just like hitting that perfect golf shot, it only takes one small moment or win to bring you back into that positive mindset.
A phrase that I like to use to describe this battle is “thriving vs. surviving”. At the end of the day you have a decision to make, will you give it your best no matter how you feel and push through the fog in your head or will you let it beat you down and muddle through it? Thriving when things are hard allows you to level up in life. Going through the motions and going through life’s everyday struggles as if they’ve beaten you down is no way to live.
You can compare this concept to your workouts at Prototype. Have you ever felt like you wanted to quit and stop? Have you wanted to work at a certain intensity and you gave up? The rest of your workout probably turned into a steady pace and you just survived through the time cap or until the clock ran out.
We all have those days where we want to quit and want to give up. We all have those days where our legs burn and we want to put the bar down when we only have 3 thrusters left to go. We all have those days where our brains won’t shut off and it keeps telling you to slow down. My challenge to YOU, (yes, YOU!), is to push through! The next time you’re in a scenario like this I want you to win the battle with your mind and THRIVE! Push yourself past that point where you think you have to quit but you know you can go.
All it takes is one small moment or win to bring you back into that positive mindset. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “Tough times never last but tough people do.”