By: Mike Collette
CrossFit is defined by its Community. Like minded people that enjoy the mental anguish in which the WOD can bring but can laugh about those struggles and cheer for their gains. So when you make the decision to join a local box, the membership fees are a lot greater than most health clubs, $150-$300 a month compared to a $10-$60 month to month yearly contract. So, what do you get at a CrossFit box besides the ability to come in and hit a WOD?
1.) A Program
At CrossFit, each day is “constantly varied, high intensity functional movements” meaning each day is always different, with a difficulty greater or less depending upon your strengths and weaknesses. This program, which is specific to each box is designed to create well balanced fitness results.

2.) Coaches
Whether it’s one coach that runs the box or several coaches at that box, you have someone looking after your best interest. Constant coaching, cuing and training is a huge added benefit to CrossFit. if you want to workout on your own, you don’t necessarily have that trainer or coach to make sure you are doing things correctly. Or you can take the personal trainer route. Truth be told these 1-1 sessions can be up in the range of $80-$120 an hr… this is about half of your MONTHLY dues at most CrossFit’s.
3.) Community
At any CrossFit box (gym), you will routinely see and hear about “community”. The community built within a CrossFit can easily be compared to a family. A group of like minded individuals coming from different backgrounds and fitness levels working out together, sharing the mental anguish along with some laughs! Now this community holds true and strong, there is a camaraderie that has never been seen in the fitness world and it is where ever lasting relationships are built and fitness is the net result!
4.) Accountability  and Support 
One of the biggest advantages to having a personal trainer is the accountability that goes along with it. You set an appointment and you are required to be there. Each CrossFit is different, meaning that some might require you to sign up for a class, some might not. The accountability aspect comes from the community within the box (“My friends are working out today”) and/or coaches getting on your ass for not showing up! The support from the community and coaches brings out the best in each individual. It can be as simple as a coach reminding you of your goals and to NOT eat shit! Or just being there during some rough times during a WOD or whatever life brings.
5.)  Results
CrossFit is hard work, period. Yet with the hard work comes great mental, physical and emotional satisfaction that you could have never imagined. CrossFit gives you the confidence to take on any of life’s challenges. It builds on your mental and emotional integrity and most importantly, it gives you the fitness results you’ve always wanted. A well balanced approach to fitness where routine is the enemy!
6.) New friends
The people you meet here at CrossFit are like minded to you. CrossFit gives people a reason to stir up fitness conversations whenever and where ever, creating strong bonds in and out of each CrossFit boxes community.
7.) Be yourself
CrossFit is integrity driven. It supports a community where quality characters are welcome and wanted, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself! Drop weights, scream, yell, cheer, burp, swear whatever! This is your community now, this is your box! Be yourself, but be respectful at the same time!
Specifically at CFP you also get:
-2 weeks free elements classes
-free initial body fat assessment by Dr. Dan Fanselow and re-valuation 3 months later