I’m sure you have heard the phrase “get outside your comfort zone” before, right?!
You may have even heard it at CFP because we encourage GROWTH. It is one of our core values after all : )
Many of us avoid doing the things that scare us or challenge us because of fear. The important thing to remember is that doing these things is the only way to truly grow.
We talked last week about building habits. Those habits could be built around doing smaller, objective things that slowly get you more and more outside your comfort zone.
That thing that really scares you could be public speaking (which A LOT of people are scared to do). So, the smaller habits would be to start giving a speech in front of the mirror or to a few friends. As you build your confidence, it will get easier AND your comfort zone will start to expand!
So our question to you is What are a few things you are doing each day to get outside your comfort zone?

Here are some examples if you are struggling:

  • Going to the gym without your gym buddy who makes you go
  • Trying that Rx workout that you know you can do but are scared to try
  • Go to a different class time if you can’t make the regular time you come
  • Try doing that handstand hold against the wall

Let us know and email me directly at Mike@crossfitprototype.com if you need help!