trainerfbNow you might not expect to hear a company called CrossFit Prototype to suggest what we have in the title of this blog. Are we really saying that anything can be better than CrossFit?
For some people, the answer is yes. CrossFit is amazing, and we understand why so many people are interested in participating in it so often. But it’s not for everyone, and that’s why we offer so many other choices in our fitness gym. One of these is taking advantage of our personal training services. We’ve mentioned some of these advantages before, but let’s go into a little more depth and take a look at how personal training can be better than CrossFit or other small group training sessions.

Specialized Exercise

When you sign up for personal training courses, exercises are specialized. We’ll talk about your goals: are you more interested in losing weight or gaining muscle? Toning your arms and calves or bulking them up? Your personal trainer can help you find the best combination of exercises that will accomplish your goals, ensuring you’re getting a well-rounded exercise routine for your heart health as well.

Nutrition Advice

While you won’t get the specialized nutrition counseling that you would receive with Prototype Nutrition, your personal trainer will be able to give you advice on what foods might be getting in the way of your goals and which foods can help you achieve them.


When you work with a personal trainer, you’re with someone who knows you. If there’s a certain exercise that would aggravate a particular injury, we can work around it. We don’t want you to tweak an old injury and not be able to show up for weeks. And speaking of showing up…

Someone Is Waiting For You

Perhaps one of the things that keeps people coming back week after week is the fact that someone is expecting you. Your personal trainer is waiting there for you, and canceling for no reason is much harder when you’re the only one he or she is waiting for!

Someone to Impress

Think back to your school days. Some students thrived on sitting quietly and doing their work, trying to avoid interaction with the teacher as much as possible. But others craved the teacher’s attention and loved every gold star they got. If you’re this latter type of person who wants encouragement and one-on-one time from your instructors, personal training is right for you.

Someone Who Pay Attention

When you work with a personal trainer, you’re working with someone who’s going to pay attention to you. You have their time for the full hour, and they’re not going to be splitting their time among other clients. They’re watching out for you and your goals!
Of course, you don’t have to choose! If you want the overall health and exercise benefits of of CrossFit but are looking for the specialized treatment you’ll get from personal training, you’re more than welcome to engage in both. Find out more about personal training and discover how it can fit into our exercising schedule.