10256934_638320232922709_5278936087912885867_o-700x320Do you get nervous when you’re away from CrossFit for just a day? Do you get antsy because going for a run just doesn’t give you the intense exercise you’re looking for?
Don’t worry, we understand. That’s why we have a visitor’s program, allowing those from other boxes to come in and get that exercise fix they need. All you have to do is arrive a few minutes early, sign a waiver, pay the one-day fee, and get exercising. Why is it so important to not let your training slide when you’re away from your own gym?

Your Body Is On A Schedule

Rest days are one thing, but multiple rest days because you’re on vacation can cause your body to get out of the habit. If you’re sore, you’re still building muscle. But if you drop off for too many days your body will start using your muscles when it needs protein. You can go a day without exercise, but you won’t want to go much longer.

One Day Can Be The Beginning of the End

One of the main reasons that many people quit exercise programs is that they have an interruption in their routine. We’re not talking about rest days; we’re talking crossfit 1about that day when you’re driving all day, go for a couple of days without your own CrossFit gym, drive back home on another day…and suddenly you’re out of the habit of going. When you come in for a workout with us, you’re keeping both your body and your routine going.

It’s A Blast!

When you’re in a new town, trying a new restaurant is fun. Taking a different hike is fun. Stop by CrossFit Prototype and you’ll have a great time meeting new people and experiencing a new environment.
If you’re in town, we’d love it if you came in and joined our group for a day, week, or hey, why not a month? It will just cost you $25 for a day (which becomes a free day is you buy a CrossFit Prototype t-shirt) or $70 for the week. You don’t want to let your exercise regimen slide, so make sure you stop by our fitness gym when you’re in town. We’d be glad to make you sweat.