As we navigate our way through our “new normal” training inside a traditional gym doesn’t seem to be what people want to do right now. With limited capacity at these facilities, the strict regulations they have to abide by and to be honest, lack of motivation from the customers, people are moving away from the traditional gym model and are moving to a more specialized approach.

What we have found at Prototype Training Systems is that roughly 50% of our members want to train indoors. However, the majority of those people want to make sure it is safe and they want to make sure the group class sizes are controlled and we can’t blame them!

That’s why we have found an incredible amount of success in our Small Group Training model. Our Small Group Training program keeps groups to 2-4 people per coach. You can also call this Semi-Private Training as it truly is!

Why Small Group Training you ask?! I highlight some of the biggest benefits below:


The number 1 reason why people train with a personal trainer, group class or even friends is accountability. For many people, finding the motivation to workout on their own is a challenge. What we have found is that with Small Group Training you get the best of both worlds! You are held accountable to your goals by your trainer/coach and you are held accountable to attend by your group! I mean, do you really want to skip your workout with a few of your friends?!


Working out alone can be tough. Often times, the enjoyment you get with being around others while you all work hard, makes your training session even easier! By the way, community and banter are encouraged in your Small Group Training sessions. Remember the age-old saying “Time flies when you’re having fun!”? It’s true! Oh yeah, your workouts are always varied and different to maximize your results and keep you coming back wanting more!

Goal Specific

Before you start any program with us at Prototype, we take you through what we call a free “No Sweat intro session”. In this 30 minute session, you sit down with a coach to discuss your goals and gain an understanding of why those goals are important to you. From here, we prescribe what program will be the best for you based on what you are looking to achieve. This model allows us to make specific recommendations for you. In the Small Group Training model, your program, and what you do is designed for your goals and is administered by your coach. This isn’t a cookie-cutter program by any means!

Time Efficient

Have you ever gone to the gym and spent an hour or two just trying to figure out what to do? At Prototype, we handle all of that for you. We get you in, coach you on what to do, how to do it, and why you’re doing it so you can continue on your day. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym, actually, there is a Minimum Effective Dose (MED) to just about everything, I talk about that a bit in this article here.

You can get a great, effective, and specific for you in 30-45 minutes. That’s it! Come into your session on time, put the work in, and tackle the hardest part of your day!


The biggest difference between a traditional gym and our facility at Prototype is that in the traditional gym model, your membership fee goes towards access to the facility



. What we provide to you at Prototype is coaching. We have a saying “we meet you where you are, and we take you where you want to go”. Whether you’re training with us in our Small Group Training model, 1-1 Personal Training or any program for that matter, you have a coach. A coach that will hold you accountable. A coach that will be there for you. A coach that will make sure that you’re doing everything correct.


We are now living in a world where face masks and being socially distanced is the new normal to keep everyone as safe as possible. Our approach at Prototype is just that, to keep everyone as safe as possible. Our decision to keep our group classes outside limits the risk of exposure and allows for more people to train. Our Small Group Training model was designed to limit training to no more than 4 people inside our 7,000 sq./ft space. Our protocols and procedures are in place to mitigate risk and we will always go above and beyond for our clients! So not only are you training around fewer people, the environment you are training ensures that!

Cost Effective

We preach about our values at Prototype on a regular basis. Integrity is one of those values, so it’s important for us to be transparent to everyone who wants to start training with us. We are not $20 a month gym membership. As a matter of fact, we are the exact opposite. However, our Small Group Training model was designed to be more cost-effective than our more popular Personal Training program. By working out in a Small Group, the value you receive is still there, but the cost to you is substantially less. This allows you to train more and stay aligned with your budget! By the way, I wrote an article in the past how training at Prototype can save and make you money you should give it a read because it’s true!