This week, we kicked off the 2023 Prototype Open with our first challenge, as well as our head to head battle! The 2023 Open promises to be an exciting one, with new challenges and workouts that will push athletes from all four teams!   

The first head-to-head challenge took place Thursday night. Keivan Russo (Team Blue Steel), Michelle Pasquale (Team America), Jean Hanks (Team Dark Knight), and G-MAN (Team Smash) all competed to gain the most points for their team.  The four competitors took on WOD 23.1, with G-MAN successfully getting all the way to the ring muscle-ups! Next Tuesday, the next four competitors in our head-to-head competition will be announced.

The first workout of the 2023 CrossFit Open continued today, testing athletes’ strength, endurance, and mental toughness. WOD 23.1 was a 14 minute amrap consisting of 60 cals on the rower, 50 toes-to-bars, 40 wall ball shots, 30 cleans, and 20 muscle ups.

For the duration of the Open, all classes on Friday will be the workout for the open. New for this year, every Friday night we will have heats running every half hour from 4:00-6:00. Come into the gym for our Friday Night Lights to celebrate and cheer on your teammates.

The first challenge of the open was two minutes max calories on the assault bike. The top three men and women each earned 5 points for their team, while each participant earned one. More challenges come next week!

The atmosphere in the gym has been electric all week, with members cheering on their teams and getting in the competitive spirit! Make sure you keep wearing your team shirts and keep up the high energy! We want to recognize three special members who have helped contribute to the positive vibes! 

The Best Performer award goes to the competitor with the best overall performance. They constantly give their best effort and strive to improve every time they come to the gym. The Team Spirit award goes to the person who supported their teammates with the most positive energy. The Most Passion award goes to the competitor who was the most fired up this week. They cheer others on and get super into all of the challenges and WODs.

Keivan Russo won this week’s Top Performer award. Keivan improved his score by 17 reps from 14.4 and is constantly working to improve in all aspects. MaryBeth Costello had the most spirit this week, cheering on her teammates and staying after her heat to cheer on her fellow teammates. The most passionate competitor this week was Dan McCarthy. Between coming in on Thursday to MC our head to head competition and staying positive and motivating throughout each heat of our FNL, he elevated the energy in the gym.

Our top finishers for this week’s WOD all contributed three points to their team, and all of our award winners earned five points for their team. Everyone who completed the workout earned one point! Congratulations to Team Smash who is currently leading by 27 points. This first week of the 2023 Prototype Open has been so special and we are so excited for the next two weeks!