We pride ourselves on being more than just a gym at Prototype Training Systems… as you know we are a coaching community and relationship business above all.
In the spirit of strengthening the bond we share and recognizing the incredible dedication, effort, and camaraderie displayed by our members, we are launching the first edition Prototype Challenge Coin.
My inspiration stems from the revered tradition of military challenge coins. These coins, steeped in honor and history, are given to soldiers to represent comradeship, prove membership in an elite group, and honor extraordinary actions. They are tokens of unity, belonging, and recognition.

I have been fortunate to receive one of these coins from a former 4-star Admiral in the US Navy. I didn’t know it at the time, but he hasn’t given many of these out. They are custom with his credentials and name on it and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever been given… and this is a guy who The Pope went to visit him… pretty freaking cool! You can read more about the military’s challenge coins here. 

With that said, both the military and our Challenge Coin is not merely a decorative token. They have to be earned. When you receive one, know that it stands for:

Community: Celebrating the bond we share as members of Prototype Training Systems.

Achievement: Recognizing the milestones you’ve crossed in your fitness journey, be it in skill, dedication, or resilience.
Stewardship: Saluting the spirit of helping, motivating, and uplifting fellow gym members.
Membership: Symbolizing that you’re not just a member, but an integral part of the Prototype community.

So how do you earn this coin?

The coins ARE NOT FOR SALE, and they cannot be claimed but must be earned. Coaches AND long-standing members may be awarded them AND nominated to receive one by peers who they feel have gone above and beyond, either in their training journey or in their contributions to the community.

The Coins are a testament to what we stand for – stewardship, growing ourselves, helping others grow, perseverance, and community. If you receive one of these, our hope is that you recognize you did something pretty special to have earned one.

If you’re a member at Prototype and someone from our community comes to mind let me know.  Not every recommendation will qualify but share with me first and your reasoning.
We have a total of 100 of these that will be given out until they are gone. They won’t last forever, and not everyone will earn one, but everyone has an equal opportunity to receive one.