As each week goes by, there are lessons in the work we are doing with our team, the work we are doing with our clients, and more importantly, the work we are doing on ourselves.

Not only are we sharing our educational content from our Coach Development Corner, but each week I’m also going to include practical “lessons learned” from the week, things I/we are currently struggling with, and an assortment of podcasts/books/articles that inspired action during the week. Each week will be different… some more robust than others.

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Week of 6/12/23

3 Lessons, 1 Podcast and 1 Quote From the Week

1/ Reframing the “expert”.

Sometimes an expert is viewed as someone with all of the solutions vs. reframing as someone who is aware of the challenges, talk about them and are actively working to solve the problem. Credibility and competence is still important, but often we feel we need to be an expert in something to go all in, to take that risk, to start that project… reframe “expert” and it can help you get started.

2/ Everything is always easier when you don’t need it.

In business and the game of life, momentum matter the most. Most people stop pressing when they have it though vs. doubling down. 3 is the new 1 (Rule of 3)… Anyone can take risk once (take a shot/do 1 bold thing) but 3 shots in a row can generate REAL momentum but its hard to commit. Once you take the first risk, you open yourself up to criticism (“that won’t work”). It makes taking the 2nd shot even harder… it requires you to self generate momentum.

3/ Underdog Mindset.

We all know at least 1 good underdog story (ex: 2001 New England Patriots if you couldn’t think of one), in essence… nothing to lose. You can self generate this mindset but it’s really hard. Michael Jordan would refer to it as “putting logs on the fire”… he talks about it in his Hall of Fame speech, gives details on the “whiteboard” material he used to motivate himself. Where it goes wrong is when we let critics/people who want you to lose get the best of you. It shows a lack or inability to take emotional control over it vs. it taking over you.

1 Podcast: The Learning Leader with Ryan Hawk

Ep 526: Mark Miller (VP of Chi-fil-A High Performance Leadership)-How Chic-fil-A built a world class culture

Favorite quote from the episode:

“Your Capacity to grow determines your capacity to lead”