1.) Share your experience at Prototype

I joined Prototype in the summer of 2023 after years of working out (and working in) fitness studios in Boston. When the pandemic hit, I moved to the burbs and focused on training at home. Once I got out of the house and joined Prototype I was blown away by the coaches; they are knowledgeable, they care about their clients, and they’re deeply invested in your personal goals. 

Soon after I joined I discovered that I was pregnant with my second child and became even more impressed with the coaches. They have an ability to pivot and make accommodations that are safe, while still allowing me to challenge myself and have the full class experience.

2.) What is your favorite part about being at Prototype?

I love the community. The Prototype members are some of the strongest, most welcoming, hilarious people that I’ve ever met. They’ve welcomed me with open arms and have made Prototype feel like a second home.

3.) What are your hobbies and activities?

Reading, writing, and playing with my 2 year old. He has the best sense of humor and is always up for anything—except nap time.

4.) How has Prototype helped you or solved a problem for you?

The coaches at Prototype have taught me so much about the mechanics of lifting heavy weights, proper form, breathing technique, and then some. Before Prototype I was always curious about lifting heavier, and they’ve taught me safe and effective ways to do just that.

5.) What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?

I want to set a strong example for my kids, and I want to be around and able to play with their kids someday.

6.) Favorite Quote 

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”