The criteria and standard that we look for when our team puts in their nominations for Prototype of the month are Coachability, Caring and Community and in our opinion, Beth encompasses all three of those qualities handily. Congratulations Beth!

Share your experience at Prototype

I joined the Prototype family in the summer of 2020. I suffer from severe anxiety and the pandemic had me spiraling into a dark place. I had tried a few other gyms when we moved to Westborough from North Carolina but they weren’t a good fit. I made a phone call to Prototype and, even over the phone, I felt that I had made the right choice instantaneously. Having the virtual option was nice but the outdoor classes were outstanding- even now I miss the days of being outside at a 5:30 class on a beautiful night watching the sunset. From then to now, this gym has changed my life in a way that I didn’t know a gym could. It’s the coaches and community that continue to show me that I am stronger than I think I am. When I doubt myself, this community doesn’t. They know what I am capable of accomplishing even when I don’t. I quickly wanted to share this feeling with my family. My son, Macklin, has participated in 2 kids programs and has loved Prototype as much as I do. As he gets older, the plan is to get him in any and all programs that are available. He quickly gained strength and confidence in such a short amount of time thanks to Sam, Jack and Evan.

What is your favorite part about being at Prototype?

My favorite part about being at Prototype is the sense of family when you are there. You walk in and everyone says hi. You show up and people are happy you are there. You accomplish something you have never accomplished before, no matter how big or small, and people are cheering for you. You PR something and you are celebrated in a big way. You are constantly reminded of just how strong you are. That simply doesn’t happen at other gyms. Since joining, I have had 2 surgeries and had to step away for months to handle an intense workload. This community checked in on me, worried about me, missed me and was cheering me on when I returned.

What are your hobbies and activities?

One of my very favorite things in the whole world is kayaking. I find such peace in it. My family loves to travel-especially to the beach, Vermont and Maine. We love music and enjoy going to all of the concerts we can get to.

How has Prototype helped you or solved a problem for you?

I have experienced some intense trauma in my life. These events have changed me and continue to consume me. When I am at Prototype, these events don’t enter my mind. They don’t consume me. All I focus on is the workout. There is no room for other thoughts when you are taking on lifts, rowing, pullups, carries, burpees, jumping, biking, etc. For an hour, it’s all gone. What makes it even better is getting to spend that hour with some amazing coaches and people. Getting to go with my friend Melanie is the cherry on top. She knows my trauma. She knows my anxiety and pain. She fights for me, pushes me and believes in me and for that I will be forever grateful.

What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?

Keep getting stronger. One thing that Prototype has taught me is that the little things are big things. While I modify workouts, sometimes a lot, I am still getting stronger. More specifically, I am currently working on box jumps. My family even bought a box for our home- it’s one of my son’s favorite things in the world. He is one of my biggest fans and one of the reasons I work so hard on myself.

Favorite Quote

I keep two quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt in mind every day but especially when I am at the gym-

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”


“Do one thing every day that scares you.”