Share your Prototype experience and fitness journey

It all started around 2014 and my first boston marathon was looming in the distance. My kids gave me the intro package and as is often the case with gifts I was not very excited. I was going to get hurt or affect my training( really just excuses not to go) plus it was another waste of my time. After all I was in great shape, so I thought, but really it just was my legs and the rest was pretty sad. I still remember the first few months where Brian and Ben would stop me quickly as they saw me strain to lift a new PR, I quickly learned that form is better than a PR. While form is still not my strength it reminded me its better to be able to show up than injure myself and be out for a few weeks

As a runner I was very intense about that training and was able to stick to a five or six day program adding up the weekly miles. What Prototype did for me is help me realize that by strengthening my core and yes even my arms a bit,  running became less stressful and even more enjoyable , its not all about legs:)

Fast forward to present I’ve gone from splitting my week with three to four days of running and three days Crossfit to five days of crossfit and a day of running.

The last and probably most important part of my and my families journey at Prototype is the realization that what ,when and how I eat and drink affect my well being , fitness and at my age recovery.


What is your favorite part about being at Prototype?

Hands down is the friends I have made and the support coaches and athletes have given me. As an older competitor my goals are different ,RX for me is usually the ladies weight and honestly most days I don’t know how they can do that!! The other part is the way it has changed my habits as I consistently start my day with a wod or a run on Saturday and it has made my start to my day so positive my family thinks its all caffeine!!


What are your hobbies and activities?

As a new grandparent spending time with Cooper and Blake is the coolest right now as it gives me a chance to be a kid again. Golf is another passion and usually is the second workout of the day as I like to end the afternoon and stresses the day entailed . Running especially with my two daughters Kaitlyn and Brooke is another great thrill and I’m sure crossfit has enabled me to keep up with them ( or at least not slow them down too much)


How has (if it has) Prototype helped you outside the gym (in sports etc)?

Its funny but most people think a marathon is an amazing feat but I’m reminded at almost each daily WOD we do, the thoughts of why am I doing this, I can’t do this or let me just quit are the same we have during our races. As Coach Cailtlyn likes to say “this is when it gets weird”  is the time those doubts arise.


What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?

Lose weight, maintain it and continue to develop better eating habits, luckily my wife Joanna is a fantastic partner for that part as she and the girls worry about me constantly, its amazing I find my way home each day after the gym.


What is your favorite quote?

Its funny on of my Grandmas favorite sayings, with a sixth grade education she was one of the smartest people I knew –

“Be the job great or small do it right or not at all”