The criteria and standards that we look for when our team puts in their nominations for Prototype of the month are Coachability, Caring, and Community and in our opinion, Greg encompasses all three of those qualities handily. Congratulations Greg!

1.) Share your experience at Prototype

Joining prototype has been one of the best choices I have made. I feel stronger, more confident, and healthier than I have in the last 10 years. Learning how to strength train correctly is such an important skill to know. I’m making sure my kids learn early in order to set them up for a healthy lifestyle.

2.) What is your favorite part about being at Prototype?

The people. Everyone is friendly and supportive. The coaches are always willing to help and answer questions.

3.) What are your hobbies and activities?

In Winter you can find me on the ski slopes at Loon Mountain. I’m working on getting back into playing soccer more regularly. Past that, I’m always with my kids for their numerous activities.

4.) How has Prototype helped you or solved a problem for you?

Knee pain, I was training for triathlons before joining prototype. The long runs were causing a great deal of knee pain. Since I scaled back the running and focused on strength training and CrossFit, my knee pain is gone.


5.) What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?

Currently I am working to find a soccer team in order to play more regularly. I’m also focussing more on correcting my diet in order to drop a few pounds. 

6.) Favorite Quote
“If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you’ll end up 37 times better by the time you’re done.” – James Clear