Our Prototype of the Month Michael Cuthbert is the model of how hard work pays off! When I first sat down with Michael In January for our “No Sweat Intro”, very little had to be said! Being that he is a former sprinter for Umass Amherst, with a competitive nature and his connection to our Community through my friend and member Marc Dobay, (Who’s son Blake was Michaels childhood friend). Micheal over the last several months has been the model of consistency in our 7am classes and you will often see him after class putting in extra work. The criteria and standard that we look for when our team puts in there nominations for Prototype of the month are Coachability, Caring and Community and in our opinion, Michael encompasses all three of those qualities handly. Congratulations Michael!

Share your Prototype experience and fitness journey.

I was a sprinter in college so I missed the structure and cardio+strength aspect that came with sprinting. I needed something that would let me push myself for my physical/mental health, and CrossFit ended up being just that!

What is your favorite part about being at Prototype?

My favorite parts are the programming and community. The workouts never get boring and always leave me dead by the end of the week. At least with a class you can suffer together, which makes it a little easier.

What are your hobbies and activities?

I’m kind of a nerd so I’m on my computer a lot, but I like to go snowboarding in the winters and cycling/disc-golf once it gets warmer. Other than that, I’ll usually just be hanging out with friends or family.

How has (if it has) Prototype helped you outside the gym (in sports etc)?

I noticed into the spring season I could go on snowboard runs for longer. My muscular endurance wasn’t great so the combination of snowboarding and CrossFit definitely had an impact on that.

What are you continuing fitness goals to this point?

I’ve always wanted to see how far I can push my body/fitness. I’m pretty goal oriented, so CrossFit has been perfect since it always gives me something that I need to work on.

What is your favorite quote?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.” -Aristotle