The fourth workout of the Prototype Open was a huge success! It included up to 15 minutes of rowing, toe to bar, and shoulder to overhead! Everyone did awesome!! 

Scroll down to check out some action shots from 22.4 as well as some from the LIFTOFF!


Head-to-Head Showdown:

This awesome showdown was between Brendan Sheehan and Coach Evan Cleveland. Both gave it their all, but Brendan from Cobra Kai prevailed!


Check out these athletes putting in the work!

Top 20 Performers

Here’s our top 20 performers of the 22.4 workout!

Passion Point Winners

Congratulations to this week passion point winners!

The Lift-Off

The Prototype Lift-Off was a HUGE success! All proceeds will be going to the Jimmy Fund in honor of Dick & Nancy Pond.


Score Sheet:

Congratulations to everyone who hit a new PR during the liftoff! (Over 50 PRs were set!!! Great work everyone!)

Also a huge congratulations to those who made the leaderboard!


Here are some pictures from the Lift-Off:

During the liftoff, we were able to raise $2500 for the Jimmy Fund in honor of Dick and Nancy Pond!

Before we get to the scoreboard for this week, first here are the scores from the end of last week…

Cobra Kai was in the lead, did they do enough to maintain it?


Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, this week’s scoreboard…

Cobra Kai is still in the lead! Cobra Kai won the points in the liftoff with lifting the most weight, however Miyagi-Do scored as the highest fundraiser…meaning Miyagi-Do is right behind them! It’s crunch time! Can Miyagi-Do pull off a win in 22.5?