Congrats to our Prototype of the Month, Simony Cardoso!!

The criteria and standards that we look for when our team puts in their nominations for Prototype of the month are Coachability, Caring, and Community and in our opinion, Simony encompasses all three of those qualities.

Congratulations Simony!


What is your favorite part about being at Prototype?

My favorite part of being at prototype is the community. Everyone is extremely welcoming, kind, and uplifting. The coaches are amazing professionals that push me immensely and are inspirational humans. The prototype community is my home away from home.

What are your hobbies and activities?

My favorite hobby is weightlifting. Some other hobbies I enjoy are hiking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Family is one of the most important things to me, it brings lots of joy into my life.

How has Prototype helped you or solved a problem for you?

Prototype has helped me greatly. Mental health is a very important topic in my life. Throughout the years, I have struggled a lot with my mental health. The one thing that has always helped me improve my mental state is the gym. There is no greater escape from the world and my mind than the gym.

What are your continuing fitness goals to this point?

My continuing fitness goal is to continue gaining strength and muscle. I am focusing on my CrossFit and weightlifting ability rather than the number on the scale. As time goes on, I know my journey with CrossFit and weightlifting will improve my body and mental health, and that’s all I could ask for.

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is from Brian, “You can’t stay stuck on the same weight”