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What you need:


-30 Jumping jacks

-20 kangaroos

-20 high knees

-10 up downs

-Walk the dog

-samson stretch

-Spiderman complex


-lateral lunge w/ shoulder flexion

Specific Prep

*Coach’s Choice


1A: Bench Press (Building to a heavy set of 5)

(Record heaviest weight)


Set The Bar (Time)

21, 15, 9

Burpee over bar

Chest 2 bar Pull up (RX+ Bar MU 12,9,6)

(12 minute cap)

Burpee over bar?


-Reverse lunge

Chest to bar?

-Inverted row

-DB/KB/Odd object Gorilla row


2A: Single Arm DB row (2×12 Each Side)

2B: Tall Plank Plate Pull Through (2×8-10 Each Side)

2C: DB Hammer Curls (2×10 Each Side Alternating)

Cool Down

*Coach’s Choice