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What you need:


2x kettlebells


-10 jumping jacks

-20 kangaroos

-10 tempo air squats

-10 shoulder taps

Active hamstring

Walk the dog + pike pass through

Hip opener

Spiderman complex w/ hip lift

Inchworm w/ push up

Lateral lunge w/ shoulder flexion

4 point squat

Specific Prep

*Coaches Choice


1A: Suitcase step up from the side (4×8)

(Minute 1 of 8 minute emom)
-Weight held in opposite arm of plant leg

1B: Hallow press (4×12)

(Minute 2, rest two minutes after)
-Alternate arms every other round

2A: Single arm front carry (4x100m)

(Every two minutes x4)
-50m out switch arms

2B: Single arm KB swing (4×20)

(Every two minutes x4)
-Alternate arms every other round


Metcon (Time)

1k Row Test
Alternate Options:

-800m run

-:30 jumping jacks +:30 Mountain climbers x4

Cool Down

*Coaches Choice